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Banking: Digital Marketing Transformation based on a comprehensive audit

Supporting the
C-suite in the digital transformation of marketing & product

The Business Challenge

A country's largest bank has embarked on a ground-up transformation of their digital marketing strategy,  covering 2 mobile apps and the desktop web experience. There was an articulated need for a transformation roadmap to be developed to meet their goals, based on identification of fresh business opportunities and grounded in detailed strategic audits of their existing go-to-market strategy.



We recognised the need to help the client define a vision and roadmap for transformation, guided by data-driven insights that could be presented for board-level justification and approval.

To provide the base for a holistic approach to meeting their desire for business impact, we proposed an Audit and Strategy methodology.


We conceived 5 workstream audits to robustly cover the elements of the strategy, while delivering on the bank’s emphasis on actionable recommendations for the C-suite, the product team and marketing team.


GrowthOps Touchpoint360 Dashboard - Robust prioritisation and Roadmapping
To ensure the best chance for effective execution, we used our enterprise-grade tool to sequence and prioritize our recommendations, while helping the bank allocate roles and responsibilities in a phased approach.


Data-Driven Recommendations
The 5 workstreams produced over 80 recommendations across 4 elements of digital transformation framework. Our Touchpoint360 dashboard guided granular  next steps to take advantage of these opportunities.


The robustness and efficacy of our recommendations were put to a final test with a 3-phase campaign comprising:


  • An audit of the client’s existing digital assets by our creative, experience and social teams.

  • Strategic recommendations for optimising those assets.

  • A campaign to lead the strategy into implementation and validate our recommended best practices.

Growth Results

Growth Results 1.gif

Our recommendations, based on a comprehensive audit, were well received and were distributed across the client’s organization within just 1 month.

Growth Results 2.gif

Key experience recommendations from the customer experience workstream have already been integrated into the bank’s best practices and gone live on the mobile app.


In the project presentation to the bank president, GrowthOps was singled out as the new benchmark for vendor solution robustness, thoroughness, and ability to seamlessly integrate multiple solutions.

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