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A GrowthOps Playbook workshop attended by over 500 people!

CMOs: How to reliably become your company’s growth engine


CMOs: How to (reliably) become your company’s growth engine

A playbook to de-risking your go-to-market strategy


Data-driven decision-making that de-risks GTM isn't an unattainable holy grail. Modern day growth requires visionary CMO and CPO tag teams co-launching innovation to market, delivering on their shared responsibility for monetization. 


Teams may feel challenged by never having enough actionable insight to guarantee they're making the right decision. There is, however, an opportunity to more reliably grow revenue and justify return on investment.


Hypothesis based experiments have outcomes that can significantly guide decision making. Find out how to align product and marketing teams with data dependable enough to use as board level justification.


Join GrowthOps for actionable steps and our playbook to reduce decision anxiety and future-proof your business with customer-centric, experience-driven growth

Hosted by:

David Isaac, Chief Growth Officer - GrowthOps

Shaad Hamid,  Regional Head of Growth Marketing Services for Southeast Asia - GrowthOps


Register for the workshop to get the Playbook!

This VIP registration link:

  1. Gives you unlimited, VIP access to all the conference sessions and

  2. The GrowthOps CMO workshop, which runs on 15th September at 5:50 PM SGT

  3. So save the date & Register here!

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