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Developing and marketing an innovative branding campaign

The Business Challenge

  •  Create memorable Chinese New Year messaging for a leading telco amid festive ad noise

  • Drive traffic to the brand’s stores to capitalise on seasonal gadget shopping


Innovation that brought meaning back to tradition, while growing revenue & brand love


As a festive gift, exchanging red packets (angpow) symbolises good wishes for the coming year. But today, the focus is on the money inside. Every year, discarded angpows add up to tonnes of waste.


We had an opportunity to help the brand remind people of the essence of celebrating the new year, while also making an impact on sustainability.


Malaysia’s first plantable angpow
We designed angpows embedded with the seeds of decorative plants, and with space to personalise the angpow with a message or wish. By planting their angpows, recipients symbolically nurture the wish - making this simple gift deeply meaningful.

Plantable Angpow.png


We created a festive video to promote our special angpow: The heartwarming spot revolved around a how one little boy gained important perspective on timeless values and the deeper meaning around new year.


A set of these novel angpows was given free with any new phone purchased from the brand’s stores - a great incentive for festive gadget shoppers. More significantly, it elevated the brand, demonstrating how it can innovate without losing touch with tradition - a ‘cool factor’ that wins consumer goodwill and loyalty.

Growth Results

Growth Result 1.gif

+27% footfall to Maxis retail stores y.o.y.

Growth Result 2.gif

+3M reached on social media

Growth Result 4.gif

+700,000 views & 25,879 shares on our festive film

Gold Award for Best Idea Retail/Shopper by Markies Awards 2018

Growth Result 3.gif
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