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Acquiring app users using highly targeted ads

Helping Jiva acquire 60,000 corn farmers to use their app


The Business Challenge

Jiva is a superapp created to empower smallholder farmers. A key element of this empowerment is that Jiva does not only extend capital to the farmers, the superapp supports them across several levers that strategically help them improve their livelihoods. 

While advances help the farmers buy better quality supplies that farmers only need to repay at harvest time when the sales happen, Jiva also helps get these high-quality seeds and fertilisers delivered at no extra charge. This is powerful as Indonesia is a vast archipelago of islands and inter-island logistics is expensive and slow. 

Jiva also adds a personalised, AI-powered advice engine that improves yields by delivering relevant, feasible and actionable advice to farmers, precisely when they need it, according to weather, stage of the growing cycle and other factors.

Another element of what makes Jiva so impactful is how it brokers sales, arrange pickup of their harvest through the app, and help them find the best prices for selling their harvest. In Jiva, farmers can also cross-check prices and see cost breakdowns.   

Jiva had initially acquired 6,000 customers when we began working together. Our joint goal was to grow the number of users, knowing the market size in the region. Along with this target was the challenge of educating target farmers, showing them why shifting from the traditional ways of selling crops to using Jiva would improve how successful they could be as farmers.


With Jiva still in its early stage from launch, GrowthOps recognized the need to define a solid brand personality that made it more human and accepted by farmers.

​Then, GrowthOps set up the digital marketing strategy and delivered digital campaigns for 12 months. 

A social media playbook was also created to guide the internal teams in developing contents and paid strategies.


With a (SGD OR USD?) 1 million dollar ad budget, GrowthOps sought to target specific audiences for Jiva, pushing their key value propositions. 

For example, a pain point for customers is just-in-time distribution. A crop gets spoiled if it’s not picked up when the crop is optimal. Jiva provides just-in-time pickups, so that crop delivery is made in a timely manner. 

A challenge for the campaign was to educate the target farmers, who assume that they know what they are doing because they have been doing it for decades.


A point of measurement for GrowthOps was how many people sought to learn from the Jiva app, and what they learned was that those who looked at the education site, came back quite regularly. It was a small group, but they found it valuable.

Growth Results

Jiva Growth Result 1.gif

Jiva acquired over 60,000 smallholder farmers in 12 months, through a highly targeted digital campaign using Google and Facebook.

Jiva Growth Result 2.gif

Data-driven insights recognized the value of educational content in nurturing potential users.

Jiva Growth Result 3.gif

The campaign was a success in East Java, Indonesia, so the client applied it to India and the South Asia continent as well.

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