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Content is king - but what is the catch?

Top of mind for brands right now is how customers are expecting strong digital experiences - from browsing websites, consuming content, to making a purchase. If customer journeys are so important, is content still king?

Winnie Pang, GrowthOps Director for Biddable Media on how brands can make the most out of biddable media.

In some ways, yes, but serving the right content to the right audience, for their stage in the funnel is what matters the most. So you need to get both targeting and content for that stage of the lifecycle right. With biddable media (advertising), we can do this right and identify the right content to serve the audience at a certain part of their journey.

Develop the right content at each part of the funnel

Most audiences do not respond to advertisements that don’t add value to them and don’t give them relevant information they need or could be interested in. Take YouTube ads for example; Not everyone needs an unskippable 20-second ad about online gaming or hair shampoo.

The role of content is to aid customer-oriented experiences towards the path to purchase. Thus, it should speak and offer value to them right where they are. Here are examples of content you can publish in each part of the funnel.

Target the right audience through biddable media

Now that you’ve determined the content that you should push, it is now time to determine how to make them seen by your audience, so you can fill up your funnel with audiences that will most likely convert.

To do this, start by knowing your audience first and determine where they are coming from in the first place. Your website and social media analytics is a strategic place to start understanding your consumers’ demographics, the content they consume, and where the channels they use.

Digital marketing platforms offer targeting options based on your objective, namely, demographics, interests, and behaviors. Furthermore, you can narrow down your targeting within each of these categories, and even perform split or AB testing to determine which set of audiences are clicking, engaging, and converting.

Biddable media also allows you to deliver personalised content based on your target audience’s background, interest, and behavior at a specific time of the day by doing hyper-targeting. This makes not only your content but your budget more hardworking before doing a full campaign launch.

Identifying the right targeting and pairing it with the right content should be the key role for biddable media to make an impact on your business.


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