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Experience Personalisation now available with Insider - Insider x GrowthOps Partnership Announcement

Insider x GrowthOps - Partnership Announcement

GrowthOps partners with Insider to boost eCommerce multichannel personalization ROI for clients

Singapore, 18 June 2021 - APAC-based growth and technology consultancy, GrowthOps, has today announced a strategic partnership with Insider, one of the world's leading Growth Management Platforms.

The partnership will enable GrowthOps' multidisciplinary teams to leverage Insider's AI-powered Growth Management Platform, giving e-commerce clients a deep and holistic understanding of their online audiences, across different channels and platforms.

Clients will be able to anticipate audience behavior and deliver personalized online experiences for their customers, addressing their needs more fully, while reducing the cost of customer acquisition, activation and retention.

GrowthOps exists to make growth simple for enterprise clients. It brings 450+ people working across 9 cities in APAC for growth squads-as-a-service to make effective and rapid execution more accessible, providing customer-centric end-to-end digital diagnostic audits, growth strategy, marketing execution and platform technology.

It’s full-funnel marketing perspective aligns marketing and product strategy, underpinned by a managed marketing and platform technology stack.

The unique combination delivers relevant, memorable, and loyalty-inducing customer experiences, enabling CMOs and C-suite professionals to meet ever-changing customer demands.

GrowthOps maintains multidisciplinary teams in-house to deliver the scale, synergy, and agility clients need to perform at the top of their industries.

David Isaac, Chief Growth Officer, GrowthOps commented:

"The needs of top-quartile CMO and CPOs have become increasingly complex, with their roles expanding to include growth and technology.

Competitive businesses need a sustainable solution that de-risks innovation for product-led growth.

Put simply, GrowthOps’ partnership with Insider provides that solution.

Together, we will enable our c-suite clients to deliver compelling customer experiences by integrating customer behavior and engagement data from product, marketing, and technology platforms, such as Insider.

GrowthOps is built from the ground-up to support APAC businesses to lead in their category with new digital platforms, across more channels.

We deliver strategic insights to drive growth with rapid, enterprise-grade execution.”

Patrick Steinbrenner, Managing Director – APAC, Insider commented:

“GrowthOps’ expertise as a growth consultancy enables clients to scale with enterprise-grade execution and support.

Combined with Insider’s AI powered platform capabilities, they will take their targeted marketing to the next level, enhanced with precision and personalization.

We’ve enjoyed collaborating with the team at GrowthOps to bring more value to their end customers.”

About GrowthOps Asia

GrowthOps Asia exists to help clients develop compelling digital customer experiences and build adaptive businesses.

Designed for a constantly changing customer environment, GrowthOps weaves Growth Marketing, Technology, Experience Design, and Creative teams into an end-to-end digital growth consultancy focused on implementation.

For each project, GrowthOps assembles unique ‘Growth Pods’ consisting of tightly integrated specialist teams to meet each specific challenge.

GrowthOps specializes in providing support for CMOs, CPOs, and CTOs looking to solve the complex challenge of building and launching products, as well as growing and engaging customers.

We make growth simple by:

  • De-risking innovation with market research and testing;

  • Driving acquisition, retention, and engagement to achieve growth and revenue KPI's with best-in-class strategy, performance media, experience design, and creative expertise;

  • Fast-tracking implementation with a complete, integrated suite of disciplines; and

  • Bringing proprietary enterprise-grade prioritization tools for efficient implementations and transformations that meet the needs of C-suites responsible for innovation and growth objectives.

About Insider

Leveraging real-time predictive segmentation powered by artificial intelligence, Insider's Growth Management Platform (GMP) empowers marketers to deliver personalized journeys across the web, mobile web, mobile apps, messaging platforms, and ad channels. Built on a unified data layer, the GMP is easy to implement and simple to use, eliminating complex integrations and dependency on IT teams.

Insider is featured in the Gartner Magic Qua

drant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs 2020 and has been the #1 leader on G2's Mobile Marketing Software and Personalization Grids with a 4.6/5 rating based on 100% user reviews, 17 quarters in a row.


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