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  • David Isaac

Using Jobs-To-Be-Done for Successful Go-To-Market

The effectiveness of your go-to-market (GTM) depends on how deeply you understand your customers’ job-to-be-done (JTBD), and how quantitatively you can assess it. It’s a key lever that contributes to the likelihood you will establish (or maintain) product-market fit.

Are you going to market based on features or outcomes? Are you describing your brand and your product from the customers perspective, or your own? Are you marketing around specs or around the problem your customer is facing? Are you differentiating on only product-marketing, or are you balancing investment across brand marketing as well?

Whether your growth focus is on retention, acquisition or monetisation, reliable revenue impact is driven by using experimentation to capture customer evidence. You’ll need a precise methodology and the martech tools to help you find clarity among the combinations of targeting, messaging and your various value propositions. In this way you add genuine strategic depth to your GTM to help move your North Star Metrics.


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