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  • David Isaac

What factors prevent innovation from being implemented?

What are the specific things organizations do that inhibit new ideas and innovation from being explored?

Existing profit targets are designed based on existing activity. So there are no resources or budgets allocated to emergent strategy or innovation.

A lack of incentives

This causes a lack of incentive, which suppresses it where identified opportunities exist. And where opportunities have not yet been identified, there is no incentive, nor top-down direction, to nurture emergent strategy improvement.

Cross-functional teams surface the best customer-centric insights to align the company around

The best ideas come from the synergy of insights from sales, marketing and product, and such cross-functional alignment cannot exist without top-down support from leadership, due to the lack of the same incentives.

And so for most organizations, an exploration team has to be different from the core team, but they have to be aligned, supported and work closely together for successful deployment.


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