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Social Media Community Management & Reporting

International social media accounts management for a global automotive brand 

The Business Challenge

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A global automotive giant with a top 5 market share was looking to streamline its community management and better support customers making enquiries via its global social media accounts. 

As a truly global player with vehicles retailed in over 170 countries, its global social media accounts have to distribute enquiries and support over 3,000 dealers and distributors. The social media management needed to be managed across their 4 global accounts on the LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels.

To improve this product enquiry, customer support & service element of their customer journey, there was a need to set up a community management system that could be more helpful to the customers and more frictionless when handing the customers over to the in-country servicing for support.

Due to the urgent and interim nature of the project, a trouble-free take-over and handover of the mechanics, playbook and operating guidelines would have a high strategic value and was prioritised in the project scoping. 

The implementation of this would need to avoid any failure in meeting customer expectations and allow for no gaps in execution and service quality.

Solution and Results

The GrowthOps social media management team rapidly onboarded to the clients preferred choice of social media customer experience platform. The takeover of the global accounts, sentiment reporting and managing the four social media accounts and software was handled seamlessly while augmented the brand’s internal client marketing teams.


GrowthOps managed the real-time curation and resolving of customer enquiries using the brand’s Tone of Voice for a consistent brand experience. This was critical to maintain the expectations for the perceived community experience and maintain brand equity on this touchpoint.


Leveraging the full capability of the customer experience platform, we gathered the data-points, down to individual customer enquiries, to support sentiment analysis and understand factors affecting brand perception. This enabled the internal marketing and service teams to identify and address the potential frictions that prevent the customer from taking the next actions to purchase.


A daily response and weekly reporting cadence was set-up. Once a full-time representative was hired, GrowthOps concluded the project with a detailed, step-by-step onboarding for the team again ensuring a consistent quality of service and end consumer experience, with the GrowthOps team receiving praises for all stages in the project. 

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