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Rigorous Approach to Strategy with ROI Focus

Touchpoint 360°

For better outcomes, we bring more quantitative and qualitative customer behaviour data to power better strategy and implementation. 

From setting up analytics dashboards to managing martech stacks to augment your strategy, we simplify growth by adding more dependable insight and speed to your process.

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Jobs-To-Be-Done Quantitative Research

Experimentation & Product-Market Fit Testing

Journey 360

Strategy 360


T360 Prioritization


Touchpoint 360 maps insights, data, opportunities 
and threats, according to your needs.


Jobs-To-Be-Done Quantitative Research

Our approach to understanding customers covers both qualitative, quantitative and desktop research for the development of more rigorous strategy.

The underlying needs and desired outcomes of your audience can dictate better messaging, channel and product feature strategy. In addition to qualitative research, we can bring a more qualitative approach to prioritising segments of customers and identify their most pressing functional and emotional/social needs. 


Experimentation and Product-Market Fit Testing

​Strategically test value propositions and consumer response before going to market.

Experimentation is the beginning of a data-driven decision-making culture change: How do you use experimentation? How do you know if customers will actually care about your new product or marketing angle? Is there a way to find out before you exhaust your budget?

Our unique approach allows for on-brand experimentation to collect data from multiple hypotheses so you can guide strategy and resource allocation.

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Journey 360

Journey 360 analysis maps all the workstreams into a comprehensive framework.


To further dominate against competitors, the most innovative companies are beginning to migrate investment towards the Purchase and Post-purchase phases. This improves retention and customer lifetime value to maximise business value.

STRATEGY 360.png

Strategy 360

Comprehensive strategic analysis with Three Key Elements of Strategy

The same lenses that guide corporate strategy should be used to guide Brand Strategy. They can be applied to systematically rate touchpoints and value propositions/ benefits.


When strategy and brand are co-developed, sustainable and and powerful growth can be unlocked.

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Competitive Analysis
Benchmarking against the

Competitive Landscape

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Untitled design (15).png

Customer Needs
Defining your strategy against

Customer Needs

Competitive Advantage
Aligning strategy to the moats around your competitive advantage and with external
growth factors 

Competitor De-Positioning (3).png

Competitor De-Positioning

A core part of product strategy includes developing a roadmap aligned to a strategy that is differentiated, relevant and sustainable, that also depositions your key competitors.


This allows you to authentically and positively differentiate your brand experiences versus your competitors.


T360 Prioritization

A competitor analysis can uncover a approach required to grow in your specific industry competitor landscape. 

Some key success factors and strategies will be table-stakes. Others will be key differentiators. These can be ranked against three levels of core competence to determine investment priority.

Our digital acceleration options support your business goals whatever your level of digital transformation.

Each is designed to drive growth.

De-Risk Growth 
and launch new products more safely

Enable Growth to counter the move to online retail

Drive Growth 
in the face of  suppressed demand

Optimise Operations
to minimise
cost pressure

Strategically test value propositions and consumer response before going to market.

Get in front of your customers by quickly enabling e-commerce 
for your business.

Rapidly acquire more (and different) customers to drive both offline and online revenue.

Audit cloud architecture, paid media spend, brand alignment and leadership training to optimise your operating model.

You’ll be in good company

GrowthOps is a partner committed to the long game. We’ve maintained successful long-term partnerships with leading organisations across the region to reinvent growth,

unlock potential and make brands work harder.

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