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GrowthOps Joins the Alida Partner Network to Elevate Customer Experiences in Asia-Pacific

GrowthOps and Alida will together support organizations in elevating customer experience through listening and acting on customer feedback

Alida, a leader in Total Experience Management (TXM), today announced GrowthOps will join its Partner Network to deliver elevated customer experience (CX) and insights to organizations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia.

“We strongly believe leveraging Alida’s TXM platform will further extend GrowthOps’ customer experience (CX) offering, as part of our holistic consulting and technology solutions to our clients across APAC countries,” said Eric Yu, General Manager, GrowthOps. “As a growth partner in this digital transformation world, we look forward to bringing in more value-added services and solutions to accelerate the path to success, and this partnership is a win-win-win to Alida, GrowthOps, as well as our clients.”

GrowthOps uses a unique approach of combining marketing, technology and people disciplines for its customers across a variety of industries, including insurance, banking, healthcare, telco, retail, and manufacturing. GrowthOps holds an extensive range of tech consultancy services that supports its customers to grow their business and capitalize on avenues for innovation. Together, GrowthOps and Alida will provide organizations the tools necessary to uncover customer insights to inform business growth and innovation development opportunities.

“We are excited to partner with Alida to unlock the values of customer experience management (CXM) for our customers. It is very important to connect CXM and the improvement of business performance to justify the ROI of our investments,” said Ian Lee, Head of Sales, APAC at GrowthOps. “With the power of Alida’s TXM platform together with GrowthOps CX strategy, business consulting and digital technology services, we are very confident that under this partnership we become the true Growth Experience Advisor for our APAC customers, exceeding their expectations.”

“Alida is thrilled to welcome GrowthOps to our Partner Network and we look forward to collaboratively providing clients across Asia Pacific an elevated CX experience,” said Steven Medeiros, SVP and General Manager, APAC at Alida. “The GrowthOps team is reputed for helping organizations find creative and innovative ways to grow their business. Alida is eager to work together to help clients optimize the power of TXM and propel their CX initiatives.”

The Alida Partner Network enables growth for organizations of all sizes by providing the software, enablement and expert support needed to put customers' truth into action. As the global authority in building engaged and online communities for ongoing customer feedback, partners entrust Alida’s software to help them deliver powerful insights and a competitive advantage for their clients.

“GrowthOps is an excellent addition to the Alida Partner Network. Their extensive expertise in innovative consultancy services empowered by Alida’s TXM platform will add immense value to customers across Asia-Pacific,” said Gary Smith, SVP Channel & Partner Alliances, Alida.


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